Did Sophie Turner Just Get a Ginormous Wolf Arm Tattoo?!

Did Sophie Turner Just Get a Ginormous Wolf Arm Tattoo?!
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A resounding maybe?

Picking our favorite beauty inspiration from the Game of Thrones cast feels slightly impossible. Let's recap, shall we? Maisie Williams has been killing it with the never-ending hair transformations. It took us forever to get over how gorgeous Lena Headey looks in real life with her dark hair, and a few weeks ago, we thought we'd never get over the shock of seeing Sophie Turner with platinum blonde hair.

Just as we were calming down from that bombshell beauty moment, Sophie went ahead and posted an Instagram that left us seriously shocked. We're talking mouth gaping open, text all your friends "8erihfkjsdhkfs" immediately kind of shocked.

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Sophie shared a pic this morning of herself with almost an entire sleeve of tattoos. Our first thought was basically just... "what? where? when?"

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Like, did Sophie just get a giant wolf tattooed on her arm?! After the initial surprise and confusion wore off we realized that, as big of a fan Sophie is of GoT, that tattoo is probably part of an upcoming film project, seeing as she captioned the photo "meet Josie" and also tagged actor Dylan McDermott and director Eric England. Still, you never know...

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