Detoxing Treatments Everyone's Talking About in 2017

Detoxing Treatments Everyone's Talking About in 2017

Ah, yes, January. That dull, drab post-holiday time of the year that leaves us void of a reason to get out of our cozy beds in the morning. Not only must we drag ourselves to the office in the freezing cold while it's pitch black outside, but we also have to bid adieu to all those fun holiday parties, endless cocktails, and sugar cookie binges until next year.

But wait—all those fun exhausting gatherings are no more ... Eureka! Because we’re exhausted. Finally, we have the opportunity to get back to the gym and feel healthy. Suddenly, we are just a little more excited for the first month of the year. Behold, a few buzzy ways to kick-start you back into feeling amazing this winter.

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Goodbye, eggnog and hot toddies; hello, fresh meals and sweaty saunas! 2017, we got this.

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