Why Indoor Rowing Might Replace Your Next Spin Class 

Why Indoor Rowing Might Replace Your Next Spin Class 
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Spicing up your fitness routine, one class at a time!

I consider myself a pretty fit person. About 5 years ago, I ditched my skinnygirl "I don't work out, I don't want to be muscle-y" schtick, and I have steadily worked out since. Mostly at Soul-Cycle, but as I have grown more interested in my own fitness and personal strength, I have opened myself up to other fitness classes. There's a loophole in my exercise monogamy, what can I say?

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Anyhow, a few months ago I was strolling around TriBeCa, and I noticed a fitness studio called Current. Naturally, I hopped on my instagram to do some research... as it's odd when I, at the very least, have never heard of a fitness haunt. But, low and behold, I see that it's new and it's indoor rowing. I've seen people rowing individuall at the gym, and goodness, I have about 30 friends who did crew and competitively rowed in college, but an indoor rowing class had never even crossed my mind.


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Obviously, I had to try it. So, I hydrated, put on my favorite purple lululemon get-up and I skipped, scooted and skedaddled on over to experience the phenom for myself. First thing you need to know: it's like a dance class on a rowing machine, so there is a level of cadence that comes with experience, but for the most part it's super easy to catch on. Second thing that you need to know: Holy abs, Batman! They are not exagerrating when they say it's a full-body workout. You will literally be sore from head to toe, and in places that can be neglected, like your back.

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The music was fantastic, and I felt like I got a great interval of quicker sprints and hills, just like one would while running or in a spinning class. Basically it's a fantastic combo of resistance training and cardio, which is perfect because #HiSummer. Check it out for yourself at currentfitness.com

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