ColourPop's My Little Pony Collection Will Make Every Pegasister's Heart Sing

ColourPop's <em>My Little Pony </em>Collection Will Make Every Pegasister's Heart Sing
Courtesy ColourPop

Let all the makeup-loving Bronies and Pegasisters rejoice—ColourPop is launching a My Little Pony makeup collection, and it is everything

In celebration of the upcoming My Little Pony movie, the beauty brand has created a full color cosmetics range inspired by everyone's favorite childhood toy-turned cartoon-turned Internet subculture. Appropriately, each product is infused with an appropriate amount of shimmer, with every color named after a specific pony. The lineup includes powder highlights, a 12-pan shadow palette, single eyeshadows, tools, and lip products in both glossy and matte iterations. 

Even if you're not into My Little Pony, there's no denying that the products are freaking cute. The glitter-packed formulas are almost like a siren song for the pre-teen within us, who would likely keep her pink Caboodle case filled to the brim with the lineup. Find the products online at starting October 5—the day before My Little Pony: The Movie lands in theaters—and scroll down to take a look at the range in full. 

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