Now You Can Own a Cheetos Fragrance... You Know, If You Really Want 

Now You Can Own a Cheetos Fragrance... You Know, If You Really Want 
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Now you can smell like your favorite cheese-flavored snack long after you've devoured an entire bag and cleaned up the magical orange dust covering your keyboard. We're talking about Cheetos, of course, and this is the news that will not only make your day, but maybe also your holiday season. So keep reading and #youarewelcome.

The company is now selling a fragrance promptly called "Cheeteau" for only $18.99. "This ravishing scent is crafted from hand-extracted cheese oils taken from only the rarest Cheetos and carefully mixed by hitting the blender’s ON button," states the description on the website. "With Cheeteau, you’re sure to lure anyone (hungry) around you, for no one can resist the smell of Cheetos."

OK, we're not sure how "hitting the blender's ON button" translates into professional perfume parlance, but honestly who cares?

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The company has also released a bronzer for that "Cheetos-kissed glow," as they put it.

"We bring together the finest skin stuff that elegantly smears across your face to give you a vibrant Cheetos glow," more accurately described on the brand's site.

At almost 12 bucks, it might be cheaper to just buy a bag and go to town, but hey, maybe you're the makeup brush type.

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