Leave It to Cara Delevingne to Get the Coolest Hand Tattoo Ever 

Leave It to Cara Delevingne to Get the Coolest Hand Tattoo Ever 
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The hand tattoos keep on coming.

If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's probably that animals make everything better. Seriously, even the worst days can be salvaged via a puppy. Although it's not really possible or practical to surround yourself with warm and fuzzy kittens all day (if it is, please get in touch), animal tattoos are basically the grown up equivalent of a stuffed toy.

Cara Delevingne—who already has several animal tattoos, like that bomb a** lion on her finger and the more recent elephant tattoo on her arm—just got a brand new animal tattoo.

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☠️🐍 @caradelevingne 🐍☠️

A photo posted by Doctor Woo (@_dr_woo_) on

So it's not exactly something you'd want to snuggle up to, she did still find a new way to celebrate the animal kingdom.

Her latest tat looks like a snake wrapping itself around her hand. After seeing how well Cara's elephant tattoo was done, we're not surprised that she returned to Dr. Woo to get her latest ink work done.

Since Cara's lion tattoo is likely related to her being a Leo, we're wondering this new tattoo has any specific importance. Maybe Cara's just a huge Slytherin fan?

We'd also like to mention that this might be the millionth celebrity hand tattoo we've in the last couple of weeks. Kesha shared her smiley face tattoo on her middle finger to the world a few days ago, while Grimes took to Instagram to debut elaborate ink that covered her entire finger.

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