10 Mascaras That Cost Less Than Your Sad Desk Salad

10 Mascaras That Cost Less Than Your Sad Desk Salad
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Real talk: We go through mascara tubes at lightning speed.

It's to the point that stocking up on the department store options would put us in student loan levels of debt, but luckily, there are countless drugstore staples have never let us down. Priced at $10 and under, they're easy on our wallet, and beautifully stretch each and every one of our lashes (no matter how short) to skyscraper lengths. Mind you, we're pretty picky when it comes to our mascaras—aside from the volumizing formula, the bristles on the brush should be firm enough to hold the product, but not so firm that we jab ourselves in the lash line with each sweep. Additionally, they should be spaced in a way that distributes the mascara evenly, and eliminates the need to comb back through with a clean spoolie brush to remove clumps. And don't even get us started on how the formula should wear—anything that flakes or smears gets axed immediately.

We're basically like Goldilocks, but with the entire mascara aisle.

Here, we put together a list of the 10 best mascaras priced at $10 and under, all of which live up to our insanely high standards. They're cheaper than the desk lunch you barely paid attention to, and far more satisfying, we promise.

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