8 Fragrance Gift Sets That Aren't Totally Generic

8 Fragrance Gift Sets That Aren't Totally Generic


Fact: Not all fragrance gift sets are created equally.

Think back to last year, when your aunt gave you a too-sweet set with all these weird extra tubes of bubble bath, which you ultimately ended up re-gifting at your company's white elephant party. Sorry, Aunt Janice, but are we really going to use that glitter-infused body cream?

While some fall into that territory, others are responsible for helping you find your new signature, and come with totally unexpected extras, like tubes of lipstick, candles, or a freaking baton you can twirl around. Not all fragrance sets have to suck, and in lieu of the generic body lotion-fragrance-body wash lineup, these eight options will prove to keep on giving year-round. Here, we put together a list of the coolest sets on the market, all of which we're debating keeping for ourselves.

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