6 Colorful Mascaras You Can Actually Wear

6 Colorful Mascaras You Can Actually Wear

If you've been sticking to basic black mascara your entire life, there's no time like the present to branch out.

Crayola-colored mascara is having a definite moment, and as a departure from the electric blue you wore back when the Spice Girls still ranked at 5 members, the 2017 update is far more subtle. Rather than beating you over the head with an unconventional tone, these formulas hold just a whisper of color. They're gorgeous worn completely solo, but when paired against a coordinating eyeshadow, the finish infuses a surprising twist into your otherwise traditional smoky eye.

We put together a list of our favorite color-infused mascaras on the market—scroll down to see and shop each one right now.

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