The Best Blushes

The Best Blushes
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Musicians have the Grammies and actors have the Oscars. For beauty products, earning a spot in InStyle’s coveted beauty awards is the industry pinnacle.  With over 100 winners in 2016, these contenders are carefully chosen and vetted by the industry’s top experts—dermatologists, hair stylists, makeup artists, and manicurists. With a process that takes over six months, we begin sending out super detailed (and long!) surveys in October and then tally up the results. As our beauty closet begins to fill up, we interview our pros to find out why they really love these products and why they deserve some real estate in your makeup bag. Finding the perfect blush shade is no easy feat. It takes quite a few swatches to find a color that's not too sheer and not too bright, but just right. Consider a few swirls of the following three industry panel-approved, winning formulas a guaranteed perfect flush. 

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