You've Never Seen a Bar Soap Like This Before

You've Never Seen a Bar Soap Like This Before
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Bar soaps get a pretty bad rap. While perfectly fine for your body, in the past, the general consensus was that you shouldn't use the products on your face as they had somewhat of a reputation for drying your skin of its much-needed natural oils. So, when PCA Skin launched a trio of cleansing bars designed to be used on your face and body, we were intrigued, to say the least. Available in formulas to tackle acne, hyperpigmentation, and dry skin, PCA Skin's cleansing bars have totally changed the way we thought about their old-school counterparts, and while gentle enough for use on the face, they can also tackle problem areas on the body. As if the product weren't convenient enough, we love how it comes housed in a plastic container to prevent the bar from drying out, and is small enough to toss in your gym bag. Keep reading to get the details on each of the formulas, and to shop the products now for $38 per bar.

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