Setting Sprays That Actually Help Your Makeup Last All Night 

Setting Sprays That <em>Actually</em> Help Your Makeup Last All Night 

Here’s a sampling of things that without fail, happen when I decide to go out on a Saturday night with my girlfriends. I'll probably forgot to eat enough dinner and cave to a slice of greasy 99 cent pizza on my way home at 2 AM. More related to beauty, I'll discover that my foundation and concealer has smeared to weird places on my face, or my smoky eye hase now migrated to become my blush. This has become a thing of the past though, because setting sprays can do many a favor for someone (like the person already struggling with dark circles) who is forced to take a group picture with her friends at 1 AM.

Setting sprays do exactly what they say they’re going to do—they “set” your makeup in place so it doesn’t travel all over your face, allowing you to look just as fresh as you did when you left the house three hours ago. 

Here’s a few MIMI-approved formulas you should know about (and maybe try) the next time you know dinner and drinks will inevitably turn into dinner, drinks, dancing, and midnight pizza. 

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