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The 6 Beauty Products Lily Aldridge Swears By

The 6 Beauty Products Lily Aldridge Swears By
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The supermodel and face of Jason Wu’s first fragrance dishes on overtweezing, haircut disasters, and why she no longer uses Instagram filters.

So many of our beauty habits are inherited from our mothers. What’s something you learned from yours?

My mom would always let me play with her beauty products and tell me how important it is to take your makeup off at night and moisturize. My aunt Stella is the one who taught me about brows. When I was little, she’d always say, “Your brows are perfect—don’t ever touch them.” So, of course, in high school I completely tweezed them off. I’m Italian with thick hair, so thankfully they grew back. A full brow is the best way to frame your face.

Did you ever go through an awkward phase?

I had terrible acne in high school. Like horrible, horrible. I’d have a breakout and be so insecure because I knew everyone could see it. I always thought people were judging me. You learn as you get older not to be so hard on yourself.

If you need to be out the door quickly, what does your beauty regimen consist of?

I always moisturize, and I’m crazy about sunblock. Then I fill in my brows, throw on some mascara and highlighter, and that’s all. If I have more time, I add foundation, concealer, and a nude lipstick.

What about hair?

I have outrageously curly hair. I’m the only one in my family with this texture—and I have eight siblings—so no one knew how to help me when I was growing up. I’ve tried a million products over the years, but silky serums work best for me. I shampoo, apply the serum, braid my hair, and let it air-dry into waves.

Is there one beauty trend you’ll never try?

I played soccer when I was young, and all the girls on my team had cute bobs with bangs, so I begged my mom to cut my hair. I didn’t realize that the other girls had straight hair, which is why it looked so great. I was in the second grade, and I remember hiding under my desk for a good 30 minutes. I didn’t want to come out to show my hair. It looked like a giant circle. So I learned early on that bobs are not for me.

You’re the face of Jason Wu’s first fragrance. How did the collaboration come about?

Jason and I have been friends for years, so when he called to tell me he was launching a fragrance and asked me to be the face, I was like, “Of course, are you kidding me?” Everything about it is beautiful, from the jasmine scent to the bottle to the packaging. I recently had it with me at my agency, and you know it’s pretty good stuff when all the girls ask you to spray them.

Do you follow a strict fitness routine?

I train with Mary Helen Bowers from Ballet Beautiful. You could compare our workouts to a Pilates mat class with a little bit of barre. It’s great for my body, and when I’m on the road she’ll FaceTime with me so I’m able to keep up with our sessions.

You’re active on social media. What’s your favorite filter to use?

It’s funny—my sister told me that filters aren’t cool, so that completely threw my filter game off. She made me feel lame, so now I don’t filter.

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