10 Insta-Famous Beauty Products You Need to Try 

10 Insta-Famous Beauty Products You Need to Try 

Morphe, Jeffree Star, and Makeup Geek. You may not recognize these names from a recent Sephora run, but chances are if you follow a beauty blogger or two on Instagram these are the brands that are dominating your feed.  Along with a few drugstore brands that haven’t been on your radar since you purchased your first lip gloss in middle school, their products are the key behind all of the makeup tutorials you’ve liked and tried to replicate at home. Whether you’re a diehard member of the online beauty community, or looking for a new product to discover and love, the following products are some of the most popular on social media and YouTube tutorials. Here, we have ten Internet cult-classics beauty products that are worthy of a try and racking up “likes.” 

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