How to Use Stick Foundation

How to Use Stick Foundation
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It’s no wonder stick foundation is having a moment this summer: It’s spill-proof and TSA-proof, making it ideal for vacation travels. The only tricky part? Resisting the urge to just swipe the stuff all over your face. Doing so “can create harsh lines that are difficult to blend out,” says Chicago makeup artist Jenny Patinkin. Instead, she says, use the stick like a dotter: Apply three small dots of foundation across the forehead, two on the nose, two on each cheek, and one on the chin, then blend outward with fingers or a dense brush. A sponge, says Patinkin, doesn’t generation the friction necessary to emulsify the formula.

To gain more coverage for trouble spots, add an extra dot of foundation over the area after you’ve worked in your first application. Use a fresh concealer brush (as opposed to the stick itself) for this to avoid spreading bacteria.

Now, go forth and shop our favorite stick formulas, below.

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