Collagen-Infused Products for Plump, Healthy Skin

Collagen-Infused Products for Plump, Healthy Skin
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If you're thinking you'll have to go under the needle for a boost in collagen, think again. The protein, which is responsible for giving our skin its fullness and elasticity, isn't only found in the fillers from plastic surgeons. It's also in several over-the-counter products, including ones at your local drugstore. From moisturizers to masks, brands are loading up their formulas with collagen peptides.

Of course, the topical treatments aren't going to be as potent as injections. But if you're patient (and consistent), you'll definitely reap the benefits—like minimizing the appearance of wrinkles, increasing the skin's density, and improving elasticity.

The collagen-infused products don't just stop at topical creams. There are also several ingestible options—think supplements and powders—that will speed up your body's collagen production from within. As with any product, you should always be sure to read all of the labels and check with your doctor before starting a new regimen.

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To help you sift through all of the collagen-filled options on the market, we've gathered our favorites below. So keep scrolling to find one that may be right for you.

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