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The 6 Beauty Products Ciara Swears By

The 6 Beauty Products Ciara Swears By

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The radiant singer and Revlon spokeswoman on beauty, pregnancy, and babies...

You gave birth to your second child earlier this year. Did you love your body throughout the pregnancy?
I honestly had fun down to the last second of both pregnancies. I gained 60 pounds when I carried Future [son, 3], and when I got pregnant with Sienna [daughter, 8 months], I told myself, "I'm not gaining 60 pounds again." Then I turned around and gained exactly 60 pounds. Once I'd made it through the first five months, it was like something took over my body and said, "Eat Oreos, eat peanut butter, eat french fries—eat everything that's so bad but tastes so good." I took full advantage and indulged in everything I wanted.

Did you find it harder to lose the weight after Baby No. 2?
Without a doubt. I had to give myself breaks between training sessions, like, "We're having tacos this week! Something's gotta give." You want to reach your goal weight, but more than anything you want family time. Not to mention I was breastfeeding, so I pumped everywhere I went. One time I literally took a Starbucks cup and put ice in it to chill the milk containers on a plane. There are all these different factors, and you do whatever it takes, but it's not easy.

You tracked your weight loss on social media by posting pictures of your scale. What inspired that?
It was actually a spontaneous moment, and I'm happy I did it because it definitely put extra pep in my step. I thought, "If I put this out there, I can't go backward." I also wanted to be vulnerable and share my weight with other women. We all have essentially the same challenges, and I think it helps to know that none of us are in this alone.

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How has having a second child—and a girl—changed you as a mom?
I think for a woman there's something even deeper about having a baby girl. Knowing the life experiences I've gone through in this world, I just want the best for my daughter. I want the best for my son too, but it's a very different connection. I felt more empowered than ever when I was pregnant with Sienna. I made 90 percent of my upcoming album while I was pregnant, and I want to show her by example that there's absolutely nothing she can't do.

Do you want a third?
I can see myself doing it again; that's how much I love being a mother. My life is better with two kids and definitely more entertaining. It's organized chaos—so many moving pieces, but in a good way. It's all about organization and having a system in place.

A supportive husband [NFL player Russell Wilson] also doesn't hurt.
It's a blessing. It makes a huge difference when you have a partner who supports you. He has this wonderful passion about family and our kids. We just speak the same language across the board. When I was trying to get back down to my goal weight, he was right by my side, running with me early in the morning in humid 90-degree weather.

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That's love. How has your beauty routine changed, and what does it consist of?
It's super-low-maintenance. I probably only have five to seven minutes to do my makeup and look decent. I think eyebrows are always important, so I start by filling them in with a pencil. Then I use concealer underneath my eyes and on my T-zone and swipe bronzer around my face. I like to give lips definition with liner and put a pinkish nude lipstick on top. Then I usually throw on some mascara, and I'm out. That's literally it for me.

Who taught you your biggest beauty lesson growing up?

Probably my grandma, who's so effortlessly beautiful. She's one of those women who go to sleep and wake up fabulous. She's always dressed to the nines. She never misses a beat—even if she's going to the grocery store. I learned from watching her glamour. She set the standard of always being prepared and having yourself together.

How would you define the word "beauty?"
I think beauty starts from the inside, and confidence plays a huge part. It's how you carry yourself, how you interact with people. I see beauty in so many women in the way they walk in and out of a room. There are many pretty faces, but uniqueness is what I find most beautiful.

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You're one of Revlon's newest faces. What was your first encounter with the brand?
Coincidentally, my parents got my name from an old Revlon fragrance called Ciara. My dad bought a bottle for my mom at Fort Hood, and she was like, "I've got the name." So I always say this partnership with Revlon is a big shout-out to my mom because she put it into the universe.

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