Fall Skincare 2014

Bar Soaps Are Making a Comeback: 10 We Love Right Now

Bar Soaps Are Making a Comeback: 10 We Love Right Now

With all the body wash options currently on the market, you may have relegated your bar soaps purely for display, or to provide hotel-like accommodations for house guests. But as with chokers and bell bottoms, bar soaps are making a comeback, so unleash the soap from its delicate wrapping and take it for a test drive—this beauty standard is better than ever.

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These 10 multi-tasking formulas won’t just rid your body of dirt, oil, and germs. There’s quite literally a soap for every beauty need, ranging from the transformative (Bliss’s cellulite-busting FatGirlSoap) to the luxurious (Tory Burch’s set in her signature citrus/vetvier-spiked scent). For a holiday luxury that's surprisingly affordable, decompress and lather up with 10 of our favorite bar soaps. Trust us: You won't be saving these to your guests anymore.

PHOTOS: Our 10 Favorite Bar Soaps

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