5 At-Home Beauty Treatments to Kill Holiday Hometown Boredom

5 At-Home Beauty Treatments to Kill Holiday Hometown Boredom


If you’re one of the rare people that can get through the weeks leading up to the holidays free of stress and heated debates with relatives over cultural events during the main event, I not only salute you, but demand to know your secrets. For the rest of us who are drained from meeting deadlines, gift shopping, and dealing with said family members, all you want to do for the rest of your time off is chill out on your parents’ couch while catching up on your Netflix queue and making it through your stack of magazines.

This set up may already sound like paradise, but to truly make the experience relaxing why not add an at-home beauty treatment into the mix? During the rest of the year, I barely have time to stay on top of my laundry let alone do a DIY teeth-whitening kit, which is why I make those golden days between Christmas and New Year’s is the best time to treat yourself.

Here, we have five at-home beauty treatment ideas that pair well with eating leftovers in your PJs.

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