5 Ways Argan Oil Can Benefit Your Beauty Routine

5 Ways Argan Oil Can Benefit Your Beauty Routine
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Argan oil is dubbed "liquid gold" in the beauty world for a reason—the ingredient does just about everything (except for the dishes, not that we've tried or anything...), and the moisture it delivers is unparalleled. Even better, argan oil is the ultimate mix-master. If your deep conditioner or facial moisturizer just isn't delivering the hydration it used to, add a few drops of argan oil, mix well, and apply liberally. The oil is so versatile, it can be incorporated into literally every step of your beauty regimen, so we put together a guide to where you can include argan in your routine, and our favorite products for doing so. From skin and hair, to even your eye makeup and nail products, keep reading to get all the details.

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