This App Wants to Show You How You'll Age

This App Wants to Show You How You'll Age
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It’s like looking into a digital crystal ball.

Are you even the slightest bit curious about what you’ll look like when you’re 60 or 70? A new app called AgeMe claims it can give you a pretty good idea, but they actually have a health-conscious ulterior motive.

The online app from AprilAge Inc. is a collaboration with the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York to put a visual emphasis on the negative effects of smoking, like wrinkles, tooth discoloration, sallow skin, and…did we mention wrinkles?

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The app can age you up to the age of 70 and can also zero in on the effects of sun exposure and weight gain. After you upload an image of yourself you can apply personalized lifestyle traits that will help the app assess what they predict you will look like in the future. It will even take your skincare regimen into account since that can play a huge part in how you age.

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Of course only time will tell how well AgeMe really works, but it’s an interesting idea to play around with and may just encourage you to make a few lifestyle changes in an effort to prove their results wrong.

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