This Under $30 Product Is the Secret to Smooth Skin

This Under $30 Product Is the Secret to Smooth Skin

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We're don't disagree. If you don't know what an at-home "facial peel" is, the concept sounds downright terrifying. But calm down, it's not that dramatic. Peel is just another phrase used to describe a more intense exfoliation process, or removing dead skin cells to leave you with a smoother, clearer, and glowy complexion. And if you follow directions and consult with a dermatologist about the types of products that work best on your skin type, you won't encounter the same red, flaky, and painful situation that Samantha Jones did in Sex and the City.

At-home peels utilize chemical exfoliators, or acids, to gently break down dead skin cells that could potentially clog your pores, or contribute to a rough texture. And from pads to masks to liquids, there are a ton of different forms. Best part? You don't have to sacrifice your budget—you can find many for under $30. Here, we rounded up a few that are super affordable and effective.

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