This Selfie Stick Just Upped Everyone's Selfie-Game x 100

This Selfie Stick Just Upped Everyone's Selfie-Game x 100
Andreas Rentz
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One selfie stick to rule them all.

Selfie sticks are either super fun and flattering or embarrassing depending on who you ask (but FYI, people who say they're embarrassing, we see you at home using them at home to get those arm-less selfies). They've already brought so much happiness to our selfie game, but now, one company is giving them a huge upgrade.

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TV show UnReal collaborated with marketing company Thinkmodo to create the product to promote the show. The selfie stick features intense and super flattering lighting, a fan for IRL windswept hair and an automated arm (it extends and retracts via a button). Unfortunately, there were only two were made, and we don't think it's going into mass production anytime soon, BUT, if it does, we expect to get the call first! At least we hope so...

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