Barbie Can Wear Flats for First Time Ever

Barbie Can Wear Flats for First Time Ever
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Now this development is a game changer: Barbie finally has the ability to wear flats.

For more than five decades, a Barbie doll could only don high-heeled shoes due to the rigid shape of her feet. But Mattel's new Fashionista line includes dolls that, for the first time, have adjustable ankles to make it possible for them to wear flat kicks. The Barbie dolls come in eight different skin tones, 23 hair colors, 22 hair styles, and 14 different face shapes and some of the new shoe styles include slingbacks and mary janes.

Barbie's Instagram account features pictures of dolls from the new line with the hashtags #Barbie and #BeSuper, emphasizing that it doesn't matter what kind of shoe a girl wears to feel awesome.

Congrats, Barbie—see you on a power walk! See Barbie's new foot features in action here:

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