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Monique Lhuillier Makes Magic Happen at #NYFW with Holographic Accents

Monique Lhuillier Makes Magic Happen at #NYFW with Holographic Accents
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Monique Lhuillier once told us that her goal was to deliver the unexpected. And season after season, she does just that (see: her most recent bridal show). After showcasing a darker, moodier fall/winter 2014 collection earlier this year, with abstract skulls intricately embroidered onto her frothy cocktail dresses, Lhuillier took a 180-degree turn, working her magic once again to concoct an iridescent, awe-inspiring spring/summer 2015 line-up.

"It all started from a beautiful morning sunrise, and took all the beautiful pastel colors you would see," the designer tells us backstage prior to the show. "I wanted to capture the light, and I did that with shimmers, with fabrics that had a luminous quality. It's the playful side of Monique, but it's also very modern. It's new."

To communicate "light," Lhuillier worked with liquid satin, super reflective lamé, shimmer-infused embroidery, and holographic paillettes to achieve a level of high-shine luminosity throughout. But the brilliant shine didn't stop at just the clothes—it carried over to makeup. "We decided to take the shimmer out of the confetti in the dresses," she explains, "and put them on the eyes, for added sparkle."

Val Garland, MAC's pro makeup artist, brought Luillier's vision to life by taking the idea of stained, cracked shards of glass, piecing together a scintillating mosaic of cellophane fragments (after painstakingly applying each individual piece with wax) onto the inner and outer corners of each eye.

"When the girls first come on the catwalk, you won’t see anything because the light won’t be hitting (the cellophane)," Garland tells "It's about the idea of expect the unexpected. Now you see it, now you don't. It's a little bit of magic."

At the time, we thought Garland was strictly speaking about the artful eye makeup, but she could have easily been alluding to the show's big surprise—during the finale, flower-shaped cellophane confetti showered down from the ceiling and landed on the dresses, unintentionally adding another layer of sparkle. How perfect!

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