9 NFL-Approved Bags to Carry at the Super Bowl

9 NFL-Approved Bags to Carry at the Super Bowl
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You might be surprised to know that the NFL has a pretty strict dress code for fans. Gearing up for the game is not as simple as one might think, especially when it comes to your accessories. I learned this the hard way when I attended my first professional football game this year and my very sensible Givenchy cross-body bag was denied entry. In an effort to increase safety and security for game attendees, the league's Committee on Stadium Security unanimously ruled that all bags should be clear, plastic, or vinyl, and do not exceed 12 inches x 6 inches. That is a pretty challenging ask, considering that accessories can make or break an outfit. But no matter, I will be prepared this time as I head to the Super Bowl this weekend, and you should be too. Here are some NFL-approved options to make sure you are spectating in style. 

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