Train Like an Olympian with This Cardio Circuit Workout

Train Like an Olympian with This Cardio Circuit Workout
Courtesy of 24 Hour Fitness

Let us guess: you’ve spent at least one Olympic event’s worth of time chilling on the couch admiring the insane physical abilities of the athletes currently competing in Rio. We know this because same. And while we’ve done our fair share of sitting back and truly gawking at the athletic prowess of the (supposedly) human competitors, we must admit that the excessively toned physiques, like those of Katie Ledecky and Aly Raisman, have proved to be pretty #fitspiring.

We’re a little behind in terms of dedicating our lives to sport but thankfully 24 Hour Fitness has created a “Team USA Bootcamp” workout class based off the training programs Olympians regularly go through. And how exactly do they know how Olympians workout?

Each year, the company partners with the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic teams and chooses athletes from both that represent the fitness club’s dedication to helping members reach their goals. From there, they develop the class inspired directly from the athlete’s actual training programs. This year's Team 24 includes triathlete Gwen Jorgensen, runner Alysia Montaño, swimmer Conor Dwyer, paralympic swimmer Cortney Jordan, and paralympic long jumper Lex Gillette.

The 50-minute bootcamp is exclusively available at all 24 Hour Fitness clubs during the run of the Rio games, but we snagged a portion of it so you can get a taste of it at home, too. Keep reading for a cardio circuit that will have you feeling all types of Olympian by the end.


Train Like An Olympian Cardio Circuit

Time: 10 minutes
Rounds: 2
Format: Do each move for 30 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds. Complete the next move in the circuit for 30 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds. Continue until you finish all eight moves. Then repeat the circuit again for a total of two rounds.

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