Red Carpet File: Oscar Nominee Matthew McConaughey's Dapper Black-Tie Style

Red Carpet File: Oscar Nominee Matthew McConaughey's Dapper Black-Tie Style
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Matthew McConaughey not only entered this year's awards season with his very first Academy Award nomination for Dallas Buyers Club, but he has also given a new name for black tie attire. "[McConaughey] sort of strikes me as consistently a little left of center, says InStyle’s editor Ariel Foxman during the Google Oscar Hangout Debate. "Obviously the face of Dolce & Gabbana, he's the guy in The One cologne ads directed by Martin Scorsese—also nominee for The Wolf of Wall Street—he's doing a different printed tux, a velvet tux, a teal tux." And it's working! With each of his red carpet appearances, he's leaving everyone nodding in agreement and murmuring his motto: alright, alright, alright!

Usually Wears: You can find McConaughey wearing tuxes in a variety of styles—from a three-piece suit with a bow or a tie, to a tux with a bold print, texture, or bold color. "I have been having a good time and this season there's a lot of opportunity," McConaughey says during the Oscars Nominees Luncheon. "There's a lot of nice stuff, so I did say, 'You know what, let's get some fine suits.' I found a guy off a GQ photo shoot named Simon and I said, 'I like what you had laid out, your A's were my A's.' We got a long phone call and I said, 'We're going to be wearing a lot of nice clothes and suits this season and tuxedos. I'd like it to always be classy, but I'd like to throw it off just a little bit.'"

Favorite Designers: Dolce & Gabbana, Hugo Boss, Saint Laurent, and Lanvin.

Wildcard Factor: If there is one man in Hollywood who could pull off these eclectic tuxes, it's this Texas-born actor. "Matthew can get away with these crazy looks because he is such a character, so it works for him," says Beth Buccini and Sarah Easley of N.Y.C. Soho boutique Kirna Zabete.

What We'd Like To See: "I really do love what Dior is doing for men in terms of how the pants are tailored," says designer Rachel Roy. "I think Matthew would look so good in Dior right now, he would just walk in like the modern Frank Sinatra,  but there's a touch to it and its all about a slight cut with men."

Take a look back at all of Matthew McConaughey’s best looks from this awards season in our gallery!

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