Orange Is The New Black: See the Best Beauty Moments from Season 2!

Orange Is The New Black: See the Best Beauty Moments from Season 2!
Jessica Miglio for Netflix

Our favorite Litchfield inmates are back for Season 2! If you're like us, you probably spent the better part of your weekend streaming the latest episodes of Orange Is the New Black. Though we're still reeling over the many shocking twists and the cliffhanger ending, we couldn't help but notice a few notable beauty moments, like Crazy Eyes's new hairstyle, Flaca's penchant for glamorous eyeliner, and Sophia's amazing ability to keep everyone's highlights on point.

Morello even taught us an easy way to create retro waves, making her role as Litchfield's new beauty editor even more fitting. "Lorna is a lot more glamorous than me, in real life," Yael Stone, who plays Morello, previously told "I keep the makeup on for a little while afterwards because I feel pretty, and I do notice the accent hangs around a little while after we finish shooting."

We're glad to see her glamorous influence continues off-screen! As we eagerly await more news to surface about Season 3, we put together a list of the eight best beauty moments we spotted while marathoning all of the episodes. Click through our gallery to see the best beauty moments from Season 2—mild spoilers ahead!

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