Exclusive! See the Biggest Stars of #TIFF14 Through the Eyes of InStyle’s Photographer Jerome Corpuz

Exclusive! See the Biggest Stars of #TIFF14 Through the Eyes of InStyle’s Photographer Jerome Corpuz
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Jerome Corpuz

Team InStyle is in Toronto right now, checking out all the coolest stars and movies at the Toronto International Film Festival. The best part? We set up a pop-up portrait studio right in the middle of heart of downtown to get the inside scoop on all the celebs' newest projects. Photographer Jerome Corpuz is behind the lens taking pictures of the stars, including Salma Hayek and Jake Gyllenhaal. "We kicked off the project with Jake, and it was nice start," Corpuz said. "I knew a little about the film he was in, Nightcrawler, and at the moment when he was discussing his film briefly, that's the moment we got the picture."

As for Salma Hayek, she was totally hands-on—she changed the lights to exactly what she wanted and kept checking the photos to make sure she got the angle she wanted. "She definitely knows her face and how she wants to be photographed," Corpuz said. "I was surprised to see how much she knew about photography technically, which is an interesting place to be for a photographer." At the end, it was a collaboration. "We got into a vibe and came to the result together, which was really great." The result is what you see above.

Overall, it's been star after star, gorgeous picture after gorgeous picture. "Everyone who has come in to be photographed is really passionate about their work," Corpuz added. "When we're taking the pictures, we talk a lot about the films they have here. Then I try to bring a bit of their real personality into it. These actors are all about creating characters, and that's kind of what it feels like taking their pictures—creating a character through the camera."

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