#RocksMyWorld: Take an Up-Close Look at Chopard's Treasures from the Cannes Red Carpet

#RocksMyWorld: Take an Up-Close Look at Chopard's Treasures from the Cannes Red Carpet
Courtesy of Chopard

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If the Academy Awards are the Super Bowl for fine jewelry, Cannes is the World Cup of beautiful baubles. Throughout the 12-day film festival there are countless photocalls, parties, and black-tie premieres where the most glamorous actresses and supermodels from all over the globe flaunt sensational jewels. Carat for carat the display at Cannes is bigger and brighter than the amazing Oscar gem show. Perhaps the location in the elegant South of France inspires the extra enchantment. Or perhaps the fact that a jeweler, Chopard, is an official sponsor, encourages people to make bold jewelry choices.

While impressive treasures from the A-list of big names in jewelry have made appearances none have shown up as often as Chopard. The artistic director and co-president of the Swiss company, Caroline Scheufele, created 67 jaw-dropping designs especially for 67th anniversary of the festival. At the Hunger Games: Mockingjay premiere, Julianne Moore stood out in earrings from the collection featuring 44-carats of emeralds surrounded by pink sapphires and rubies.

Yet, there is much more in the Chopard Cannes vault than just the 67 pieces made for the occasion. The jeweler stocks an array of styles for actresses to chose from. Cate Blanchett looked spectacular at a party in a pair of large Shrimp earrings with black and white diamonds and blue, lavender and brown sapphires from the jewelers’s Animal World collection. Director Sofia Coppola, who is a member of this year’s jury judging the films in competition, has been seen in a variety of Chopard’s diamond bracelets.

Click through the gallery to see the splendor, including some close-ups of the jewels.

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