9 High Functioning Accessories We Saw from the Gucci Show

9 High Functioning Accessories We Saw from the Gucci Show
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In Alessandro Michele's world, function need not apply. Case in point: the many unexpected accessories we saw on Gucci's fall runway. From oversized bug jewelry to Victorian Mary Jane shoes with pearl embellishments up to the shins and sequined bodysuits layered under T-shirts, our expectations for this season's Gucci presentation were high, and we were not disappointed. 

Earlier today, Michele unveiled his Spring 2018 collection, in which he introduced loads more accessories that at first glance may have you wondering how they'd ever work off the runway. But worry not! These out-of-the box accessories are way more functional than you might think—promise. 

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Below, we break down how your typical average joe (aka us) can actually wear these accessories IRL. 

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