All the Best Faux Furs from Simone Rocha

All the Best Faux Furs from Simone Rocha
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These furs are unreal! Literally. Simone Rocha's Fall 2017 fashion show in London this weekend was full of chic furs—only, wait for it...they were all faux. One of the special things about London Fashion Week is that fur is taboo there, so to be en vogue, all warm and fuzzy pieces have to be faux. Therefore, all the luxe looks you see on the runway are happily cruelty-free. (Side note, we just have to award extra points to Rocha this season for casting models of diverse ages, including the venerable Benedetta Barzini and Jan de Villeneuve.)

But back to those "furs." In Rocha's fall arsenal, there were soft and fluffy shoes, oversized, belted coats, and large-and-in-charge accent pieces that are clearly not your grandma's stoles.

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There is much to covet, so we've compiled our (ample) wish list of favorite faux furs from the show. Which one will you like best? 



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