Runway Looks We Love: Tom Ford

Runway Looks We Love: Tom Ford

Designer: Tom Ford

Notable guests: Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse

What was it like: A cool catwalk stripped free of frills, with a mirrored backdrop.

Why we love the collection: The Texas-bred designer subtly paid tribute to his Western roots, opening his fall/winter 2014 collection with a stampede of cowboy boots paired with deliciously lush velvet numbers, which eventually paved the way to an eclectic mishmash of aesthetics, from loud leopard prints to sequined jersey dresses. The latter proved to be the highlight (or at least, the most buzzed-about)--a deliberate move on Ford's part for lightheartedly riffing on Jay Z's "Tom Ford" performance jersey, turning a $60-something top into a $6,000-something dress and calling it "a knock-off of a knock-off." While it may have been hard to follow that, the final looks were anything but anti-climactic, with covered-up floor-sweeping gowns in reds and blacks.

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