Runway Looks We Love: Giorgio Armani

Runway Looks We Love: Giorgio Armani
Alessandro Garofalo /

Designer: Giorgio Armani

Season: Fall/winter 2015

Location: Milan

What was it like: There was an air of restlessness among the fashion crowd, and as the last show to signal the end of Milan Fashion Week, Giorgio Armani felt the brunt of it. But his show met that energy with an incredibly serene fall/winter 2015 collection, which consisted of soft, elegant looks that sashayed down the illuminated runway.

Why we love this collection: First, the peaceful color palette of aquatic blues, grays, and greens with watercolor prints transfixed us. Then came the tulip skirt layered over matching trousers, which upon closer inspection turned out to be some sort of a skirt-pant hybrid that left us all befuddled ("Is it a skirt? Pants? Skant!" InStyle Fashion News Director Eric Wilson mused). Combined with Peter Pan collars (where some were left detached and deliberately askew) as the finishing touch, the collection was, all in all, pretty sweet.

PHOTOS: Runway Looks We Love: Giorgio Armani

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