Exclusive! Go Behind-The-Scenes at Kate Spade's Hair and Makeup Test for Fashion Week

Exclusive! Go Behind-The-Scenes at Kate Spade's Hair and Makeup Test for Fashion Week
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When it comes to fun ensembles, bold prints, and even bolder beauty choices, Kate Spade New York's Fashion Week presentation sets the bar high every season. InStyle.com took an exclusive trip to the label's studio just two days before the Fall/Winter 2014 show for a behind-the-scenes look at the hair and makeup test, and to find out all about the creative process behind the whimsical getups. Kate Spade Chief Creative Officer Deborah Lloyd drew inspiration from her travels to create a range of high-impact pieces that seamlessly walk the line between traditional and modern. "When I traveled to Tokyo and Shanghai, I loved how these super-modern cities existed alongside the amazing culture, tradition, and heritage these places had," Lloyd tells InStyle.com exclusively. "I spent a lot of my time hanging out the back of our car photographing in Tokyo, because I just loved what happened with the lights and bright colors. When I was in Shanghai, I loved being in the traditional hotel, but looking out the window and seeing a super-modern city." The avant-garde street style in both locations one modern element in particular that resonated with brand stylist Brad Goreski. "We were in Harajuku, which is where the best of the best street style is. Even as a stylist, it's hard for me to imagine all the creativity and conception that goes into these looks -- and on top of that, the dedication!" he tells us. "The clothes fit beautifully, and they played with shapes, colors, layering, and textures. The way the pieces went together was very unique and inspirational."

Of course, the dual nature of the collection was also mirrored in the hair and makeup; Garnier's Tommy Buckett put a classic spin on the ponytail by incorporating an old world vibe. "It's really exaggerated with a slight samurai feel as the inspiration this year came from the modern and traditional aspects of Tokyo, among other destinations," he says. "Looking at the inspiration gets you going as an artist, and allows you to see where the designers want to take it." Alternately, Lyne Desnoyers, MAC's Executive Director of Makeup, took the current route by pairing bold neutrals with glowing skin and subtle highlighting. "We want to create a look that is versatile and very chic, but something that wouldn't be in your face," she tells us. "There's a beautiful story going into this collection, and I think it should be reflected in the makeup with luminous skin, and delicately-lined eyes." Click through our gallery to take an exclusive look at how Kate Spade's fall 2014 look came together, straight from each of the hair, makeup, and nail pros!

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