The 10 Prettiest Photos from Spring 2016 Couture Fashion Week

The 10 Prettiest Photos from Spring 2016 Couture Fashion Week
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There's something so immensely enjoyable about a one-of-a-kind couture creation that exists, not as something that's functional or practical by any means, but as a subject of beauty. The number of shows during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week may be small, but its line-up is guaranteed to be packed with beyond extraordinary designs that have the power to make us weep with joy. 

The spring 2016 collections, of course, were no exception. Giorgio Armani sent out ethereal gowns with each washed in the sweetest shade of lavender that he eventually hardened with streaks of black for contrast. Elie Saab, the mastermind behind princessy ball gowns on the red carpet, did his thing with exquisite beadwork and embroidery. We rounded up these detail shots, which include gorgeous set designs, like Chanel's wooden doll house, and playful moments like Anna Cleveland striking a dramatic pose at Jean Paul Gaultier. Click through to see the prettiest photos from Couture Fashion Week

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